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  1. Give Credit Where Credit is Do...

    pluto is not in baris but i assure you i am. i still am.. i didnt ghost !!!
  2. Give Credit Where Credit is Do...

    i wish yall would have stuck around for the new moral figures.. ghosting and giving up the fight you all held for 11 months behind the morale curtain kind of killed my morale. i would have loved to see the 10,000 attacks against equal levels of moral and the true numbers of fairness as clearly...
  3. "Loop Hole": Especially In Morale Worlds

    I don't recall seeing this massive amount of whining on the forums when they changed wonder rules. They changed them for everyone as well after multiple servers of single city wonder and vm abuse just as morale was abused by your team on this server and a few following servers. Again we are the...
  4. "Loop Hole": Especially In Morale Worlds

    I love the crybaby stuff accusing us whining and complaining. Last I checked you're team just bailed and ghosted because you clearly knew that without exploiting the real reason for moral by ghosting a player and bringing them back to hold a wonder with 35 percent moral your poor team didn't...
  5. Bridging the Gap

    Again only testing by popular demand. Night bonus gives many players whom have families and lives other than grep that otherwise truly enjoy the game and the brother and sisterhood of some tight knit alliances a chance to breath and get rest. I know most of you have had nights under heavy attack...
  6. Welcome Thread - Off-Topic

    Welcome to the team!
  7. count to 50 before a mod posts

    this is still going 5 years later ?
  8. Announcement Forum Improvements

    Im not a forum mod! I would start by asking them!
  9. Announcement Forum Improvements

    Unfortunately I cannot disclose specifics. You should know this.
  10. Bridging the Gap

    Typical and expected. Part of the job. Easter was great. I slept all day.. it is nice to get a break from work and game time to time.
  11. I'm a nOOb in need

    Aren't we all noobs?
  12. Thanks for not announcing easter peace time

    This peacetime that has been in place for a few years as well as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Peacetime happens every year now. Multiple announcements were made. both in game and forums. Maybe you missed it as it was not as close to Easter as it usually is and the second announcement...
  13. Announcement Forum Improvements

    There is a lot more than being "liked". Getting on the mod team is highly competitive as hundreds apply and also includes a background check as a player. Satisfying Medi is the last step in the process. Then once you get selected and trained most will quit within a few months anyway but don't...
  14. For poops and giggles

    There were a few good suggestions I saw back in the ideas forum thread. I wouldn't mind a buy in server where you pay a fee to join and get all admins for the duration with no instabuy.. but a world without gold... that wont happen.
  15. Bridging the Gap

    Though even without the playfulness of the <3 I do in fact still play. But no, I am not going to disclose what world or my player name. Those whom I have built years of trust with know my true identity. I'm sure by now you could probably ask around and with a little bit of investigation figure...
  16. Bridging the Gap

    yes or no lol ^^ sufficient? We try to get the players back to the game as quick as possible especially in cases such as this. As far as reporting to get players banned while you are being attacked, We're smarter than that. Too bad I can't give examples of some epic attempts and situations.o_O
  17. Bridging the Gap

    I cant tell you! The nice part about moderation.. Transparency Really though, I dont have access to a world here and there cause I do enjoy playing as well. Isnt this why we are all here, complimenting or complaining..
  18. Bridging the Gap

    The cult is the best. If you can handle being the bad guy/gal lol.. don't get me wrong I hate being the bad guy but I love the job at times too. Sometimes the ban button can be the last thing you want to do but policy forces your hand. other times its like a celebration that all your hard work...
  19. Bridging the Gap

    This is also incorrect. Innogames has set the rules as well as what infraction gets x punishment. The CoMa cannot issue a notice to change these pre-set rules and regulations as Innogames has specifically set these SOP and SOG's to maintain a uniformity across all markets. All In Game...
  20. Reset during World Wonders

    Contrary to your belief these threads are monitored just the same as any other market forums. You are welcome to voice your opinions, but please keep them constructive and polite