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  1. Question on sending mythical units as support

    If you change gods, you lose all myths EXCEPT divine envoys.
  2. New World - Selymbria

    thank you
  3. New World - Selymbria

    How much longer til the world opens?
  4. New World - Selymbria

    I mean, we have no pacts in Rhodes that are relevant. We have 1 with a small alliance but that's literally just so we don't overlap reservations or so they don't hit reservations of ours and us of theirs. No shared forums, we don't "work together". We are on our own. Some of that group might...
  5. A world with no Gold, everything on, but prepaid so everyone is at an actual even level!

    true, honestly no problem paying 50$ and losing city. It's more about proving you belong with the top dogs without spending gold. If you pay the $50, and you assume the risk. Could allow for a buy back in. Everyone pays for it, world is released and everyone drops in same time. Lose your city...
  6. A world with no Gold, everything on, but prepaid so everyone is at an actual even level!

    I would be interested in one with a 3 city start, smallest city can't be conquered so you get your money worth as noted. standard bp. No gold. Events would need to be tweaked or completely removed.
  7. New World - Selymbria

    I love the fact that it is Domination. People have to decide to found rocks for bonus blessing, or go to main islands. can wait for some anchors but usually thats just it, you wait and race to them. So people likely to waste slots that don't directly impact endgame for the benefit of founding.
  8. New market rework and building/troop gold use.

    In a way, it limits the amount of gold a player can get for free, and while it allows people to spend gold to speed things up and makes it more expensive to finish things that have long times to finish,, since no instant finish. You spend 50 gold 10 times to reduce a building, thats 500 gold...
  9. Aphrodite

    There should be an arrow in the temple page down.
  10. New market rework and building/troop gold use.

    Feel free to pick apart, comment, or add suggestions to this. Thank you.
  11. New market rework and building/troop gold use.

    Hello everyone. I have played this game for 9 years. I have also used a lot of gold during those years. That said, I think the market and the way gold is used to build buildings and troops should be reworked, some new and some sort of old. Years ago, the policy for buildings was x gold to...
  12. Iota World War I

    aweshock 4/4 on attempts vs. DB&G, and allies took 10/15 total revolted cities according to what we were told of the cities taken by SFB (6/11). Good job all around.
  13. Top 12 alliances

    Newest MRA is Britannica Imperium.
  14. Milestones of Iota

    Yes we were first to 100k BP, and about to be first to 100k ABP too.