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  1. Predictions here.

    u must be drunk to think that
  2. Predictions here.

  3. Any one joining?

    you talk a lot, enjoy peace time, you will lose some cities when it ends
  4. New World - Tegea Feedback Thread

    will maybe play it
  5. TOP 12 Sink or Float Alliances

    What a boring world it was, i prefer French one by far. But it was funny playing with food at least.
  6. TOP 12 Sink or Float Alliances

    if you think people that insult other members while being drunk at 5 in the morning is a part of honor and integrity, alright, but not for me, but my move to bunny was planned, if you think i "losed" cities, lmao, i "losed" them because i choosed to losed them, i don't even defend them, don't...
  7. TOP 12 Sink or Float Alliances

    "honest bp" by getting op most of the time, and lose his cities, yeah, if you want, but if you think p/t is quality... we aren't playing the same game.
  8. Any good alliances recruiting?

    im not from US servers, it's my first us server, but they are really small
  9. Any good alliances recruiting?

    kinda late
  10. Rumor Has It

    We hard reported these account, obviously multiple account, p/t people was the first who took cities of 34, if all of these cities can be deleted it would be even better.
  11. Preworld Discussion

    gold :D
  12. TOP 12 Sink or Float Alliances

    i'm too lazy to do it or to search human conflict
  13. Corona.

    Yeah it's pretty scary, everything in close where i am, we need to have some paper to have permission to go outside
  14. TOP 12 Sink or Float Alliances

    Some people are mad
  15. Grepo Paradise

    550 was mine
  16. Grepo Paradise

  17. TOP 12 Sink or Float Alliances

    me too. :(