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  1. New World Amisos Discussion Thread

    No morale is a nice touch :)
  2. New world

    Since we know the new worlds are being released tomorrow and so far across all servers they are all high speed what are we all thinking A high speed CQ dom world ;)
  3. New World - Tegea Feedback Thread

    I will be here, who take rimmy:)
  4. Aphrodite

    She is not in all worlds, She is only in worlds US 93 and higher
  5. Glitches/game play advices

    There are multiple of the same temples just with different names. This is okay as more alliances can enjoy the benefits from this buff. You will notice every ocean has some similar temples ;)
  6. New World - Rhodes Feedback Thread

    It is bad when a different server is checking for us o_O
  7. New World - Rhodes Feedback Thread

    @lurks.alot1 @Antz2013 @Ryvirath could you confirm if its revolt oly or something something else :)
  8. New World - Rhodes Feedback Thread

    They were working on making it revolt friendly. Maybe we are the test subjects :eek: I think the end game might be the wrong statement here
  9. New World - Rhodes Feedback Thread

    How will olympus work with Revolt, i assume it has been tested before And if this happens to be changed to Conquest @Ryvirath
  10. New world whispers

    I was way wrong on this, seems we got a revolt world after a revolt world
  11. New World - Olous Discussion Thread

    Anyone fancy me :cool: Get well @Ryvirath hope all is good
  12. New world whispers

    There are whispers of a new world with some special settings o_O Thats starts on the 14th ;)(can i get the date right) and CQ
  13. World Wonders

    congrats guys, my poor crown didnt come with me ;)
  14. The Divine Trials Of Hermes

    Well since the answers arent hidden i will go too;) hades rim master -Nagidos
  15. New World - Nagidos Discussion Thread

    Notification: New world has opened come join Me: Can i see Grepolis: NO! :eek:
  16. New World - Nagidos Discussion Thread

    :) thanks was just missing in the information
  17. New World - Nagidos Discussion Thread

    Can you confirm its 3 cities starting world like all worlds:confused: @Ryvirath
  18. New World - Nagidos Discussion Thread

    Rumor has it we start with 3 cities :p @Ryvirath
  19. PnP: Too much confidence

    There was very much confidence in the war room being planned on taking TITAN city on their island, whose island you wonder, well Squads core island. They had timed it to perfection to take the city as close to NB as possible so no one could break it. Seemed impossible to break at the time...
  20. US 90 - Kasmenai Pre-World Discussion Thread

    Who will have me in their alliance:)