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  1. Crusanderth

    Which world was first? Community Goals

    Is there a way to check the stats? Who completed it first? xD Thanks
  2. Crusanderth

    x2 Event

    Will there be x2 bonus for the event?
  3. Crusanderth

    Heracles not working when attacking

    Hello, I have had this issue for a while now. When I attack with Heracles (stationed) in my city and I receive more than 50 battle points, I do not receive any favor. When someone attacks me, they do receive favor, and I receive favor as well but only during defending. Isn't Heracles suppose to...
  4. Crusanderth

    Colony Ship Graveyard

    *UPDATE* Wall Pics now count. Post your walls! Who will be the greatest Colony Ship sinker in Kos? Rules of Engagement Colony Ships will only be counted if they were sank by attacking, defending and by the use of spells in this world [Kos ONLY] Pictures/Reports and Walls pic...
  5. Crusanderth

    Kos World at War & Predictions

    Greetings everyone! Decided to create a war thread, only Top 10 alliances will be posted here as I don't have time to keep up with small ones. The Alliances New Alliance List Old Alliance List TOP 10 Wars Eviction, Repossession [203] vs [1] Ninja Ewoks Top 3 Players and Alliances -...
  6. Crusanderth

    Idalium & Kos image problem

    Not sure if it has been reported yet but the very last worlds have an image problem, and it pains me to see it like that lol can someone please fix it? :@ Image:
  7. Crusanderth

    Effectivness of Wall against Flying Units

    Greetungs everyone, I have been looking around for more information on the effectiveness of a wall 25 against flying units. In a revolt world, is it even effective to build up the wall? It seems as Manti Nukes can just bypass a Bireme wall and attack the land units as is, clearing it for the...
  8. Crusanderth

    Attack/Defense Revolt Templates

    Hey everyone, I have been searching around for a good template for revolt worlds, does anyone have any? Thanks!
  9. Crusanderth

    Farm Space Script/tool?

    Anyone knows a good tool or script where it can count how many farm levels do I need for different types of units/buildings or to achieve a desired amount of units?
  10. Crusanderth

    World MU at War

    MU World at War         MU WORLD AT WAR! Once upon a time in the merry little world of Mu, where peace has never existed since the creation of the server... seemingly peace has never been the priority here... 8 months of wars... 8 months of disbands, mergers, rage quitting, backstabbing...
  11. Crusanderth

    Best/Worst Alliances Names

    =Just for fun= This has nothing to do with ability of the players or how good you think the alliance is. The only thing this is about is to recognize an alliance as having a clever, cool, funny or goofy names. Please no hurt feelings, remember this is just for humor. Purpose: Name the...
  12. Crusanderth

    Reporting some known/unknown bugs

    Greetings, World: #Lambda, Mu, Nu# In Game Name: #Crusanderth# Have check the known bugs list: #Yes# Have you cleared your cache and cookies: #Yes# Have you tried a diffrent computer/laptop/tablelet/phone: #No# Have you tried a diffrent connection: #Yes# Full Version...