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  1. World Chat

    y not
  2. Tbones premade

    That's kind of the point lol
  3. Tbones premade

    or ill join one of those allys that has a bunch of gold
  4. Tbones premade

    right I don't know anyone with my luck ill get one person myself ;0
  5. Tbones premade

    I'm going to start pre made the requirements are as follows - Player before - Not garbage - Can proof prior line - On a lot - Use skype - Can speak some what clear English
  6. World discussion

    Moving on to conquest and I would like a solid pre made as well
  7. World discussion

    Why not release a world every 5-6 weeks exactly
  8. First good player rimmer any bets?

    sometimes I feel like I'm smart othertimes not so much #thinkoutsideofthebox
  9. Trash Talk

    ooo its getting real
  10. First good player rimmer any bets?

    Well I'm just saying this cause #1golder in world #1 in points anyhow has me in revolt xD but they did give me that double bp badge so.... thisisgrepolisthisisgrepolisthisisgrepolis:@:@:@
  11. Crazy stuff

    anything crazy going down after bp
  12. Top 12 players

    Defense wins championships, but offense wins the war
  13. Well that didn't take long.....

    lol don't be hating
  14. Well that didn't take long.....

    took 12 mintues for my first invite
  15. premade

    idk maybe ill join the first mra to recruit me
  16. premade

    lol I was in one of yours months ago
  17. premade

    yo whats going on anyone coming to this world?
  18. Top 12 Sink or swim

    R.I.P. to bad the world doesn't realize whats goin on haha no one can beat a world off people no matter how good you are numbers trumps talent if you got enough.
  19. Top 12 Sink or swim

    aight all I get out of this forum is tones a idiot with no life and were hella off topic
  20. Wars of Baris

    apoc attacked Legions