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  1. New world

    Since we know the new worlds are being released tomorrow and so far across all servers they are all high speed what are we all thinking A high speed CQ dom world ;)
  2. New world whispers

    There are whispers of a new world with some special settings o_O Thats starts on the 14th ;)(can i get the date right) and CQ
  3. PnP: Too much confidence

    There was very much confidence in the war room being planned on taking TITAN city on their island, whose island you wonder, well Squads core island. They had timed it to perfection to take the city as close to NB as possible so no one could break it. Seemed impossible to break at the time...
  4. Any update on the new world

    I have noticed that all servers are going full out on maximum settings with speed worlds to keep everyone at home Is there any advance notice for the US server @Ryvirath Hope everyone is safe and well RM
  5. Can someone explain

    How this world opened a day earlier :eek: @Richard @Ryvirath
  6. Cant login

    Update broke the game thanks innogames again:( Oh and i hope my non-LS escorted attack lands safely:rolleyes:
  7. Too early Too soon

    Is it just me or was this suppose to come out on 17th according to announcement I better update my calender:p