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  1. [Discussion] Special Buildings

    Just another idea for statue and/or a new wonder: Turn it into a "divine shrine" devoted to all the gods. This allows you to support a city with any mythical units, regardless of the god worshiped in the city. Also, if you are looking to add a third wonder in the game, it can be worked into the...
  2. Easter 2015 Discussion

    Not a big fan of this event. I know a lot of people like the layout for Halloween, and I do to, but I feel like this is just like a rip-off of the event. Also, it's very easy for gold users to eat up the daily rewards, which seems unfair. It also doesn't add anything new to the game besides the...
  3. Roadmap 2015 - Discussion

    I totally get you Crimson, but the Ideas tab is either not working, or the moderators aren't letting us post threads. I've tried to submit several different ideas there, and though I can't say if they've been denied or ignored, I can definitely say they've never been posted.
  4. Roadmap 2015 - Discussion

    Endgame: WW gives more war-related bonuses than simmer-type bonuses. Ex: Lighthouse of Alexandria allows fleets in alliance travel 50% faster, Temple of Artemis gives the goddess a 50% favor boost, things like that. Wonders can be changed to allow for certain boosts to applicable. Alliances then...
  5. Possibly Biggest MRA (JOKE) iv ever seen

    I've seen bigger. Rhoman Empire from Rho had a lead alliance and two full academies in two days (roughly). Though there are about 8 or 9 'CODE' alliances, they aren't anywhere near the alliance cap limit (which I believe is 70). Their overall membership total is 64 members.
  6. Changelog 2.75

    Like everything, but can you check the grammar for the cyclops. Singular is cyclops, plural is Cyclopes. Cyclop is not a word.
  7. It has been an honor...

    Daedalus, You have done so much for Grepolis and all your hard work is greatly appreciated. You are in my prayers and will be truly missed. :)
  8. The Spartans

    I would never fight under this name, I am pro-Athens. However, it is only fitting. And I wanted to say that I got there first, because as Beast said, there will be many "Spartans" but I'll have the first. And Escape King, I can get one.
  9. The Spartans

    Starting in SouthWest. I am looking for experienced players to fight with through until the end. I personally first started on US World Alpha. I did not finish the world due to outside circumstances, but I was part of the alliance "In Andronici Memorandum" (at least that's what it was when I...
  10. Rebalancing Feedback Thread

    I have only one problem with the heroes, it takes too long to get coins to buy new ones and/or upgrade old ones. I believe that needs to be improved. Maybe you can loot coins from cities you attack, or you simply earn all the heroes and use the coins to upgrade them. As for the starting with...
  11. Rho Milestones - Edition 3

    Props to you man. That was great. My Alliance has bets going to see how long it will take for RE to drop out of the Top Ten. Then we are going to do Atomic and Spur getting conquered (if the last that long, which isn't likely) and how long it will be until they disband for good.
  12. Top 12 Alliances

    The Rhoman Empire alliance has the power to take Rho by storm, but you are right. The leaders do not seem experienced enough in running a gigantic alliance. I've offered my services but I guess they are probably scared that I'm a spy. Whatever. I'm going to stay with them until the end, but if...