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  1. Abigaill

    Grepolympics Info bug

    When you click on the "?" on the Grepolymics window, it pulls up the Easter event Wiki page.
  2. Abigaill


    With Grepolympia starting tomorrow, someone may want to edit the Grepolympia page. Last years dates are in the first paragraph and at the bottom of the pagee. The item shop has different things this year and needs to be updated.
  3. Abigaill

    Problem working with Recipient Lists

    World: Gamma - also had this issue in Omega (EN) In Game Name: Abigaill Have check the known bugs list: no Have you cleared your cache and cookies: yes Have you tried a diffrent computer/laptop/tablelet/phone: yes Have you tried a diffrent connection: no Full Version or Mobile Version...
  4. Abigaill

    World Wonder question from a player in Gamma

    Can someone look at the Wiki here: Read the table where is describes the upgrade times. The resources needed is self explanatory, as the wiki clearly states to double or triple the times on speed 2 and 3 words. However it ignores mentioning...
  5. Abigaill

    Toolbar links broken

    Just noticed the toolbar links for the forum and the wiki are broken. Nothing happens when I click them - using Chrome.