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  1. War Scores

    Go SD go!
  2. Rob's Graphic Designs

    Could it be more of a dark green in theme? Like my sig?
  3. Rob's Graphic Designs

    Type: Personal Avatar Size: max Text: N/A Content: Something foresty/covered in vines.
  4. War Scores

    19 Super Duper - United Front 7 7 Order of the Sicarius - United Front 5 1 TBA. - United Front 0
  5. War Scores

    They certainly are.
  6. War Scores

    19 Super Duper - United Front 7
  7. War Scores

    16 Super Duper - United Front 7 I noticed you said 8 before for UF but can't find that # eight your talking about.
  8. Top 12: Sink or Swim

    Thanks Porto!
  9. Trash Talk

    All this love going around. Its heart wrenching.
  10. Last User to Post here Wins

    Z-formation... Not shape
  11. Rising Phoenix

    Too busy using germ-X too ask.
  12. Rising Phoenix

    Why do germs always show up where they aren't wanted?...
  13. Trash Talk

    He missed me also...
  14. Rising Phoenix

    Meanwhile... In the southwest... I'm still being super duper.
  15. Rising Phoenix

    I thought it was cute. :D
  16. Rising Phoenix

    AoD's rise to power? If their leadership does something it could be. Or some core alliance gaining a larger foothold? All I know is whomever I talked to at the start of this world as RP's diplomat was very pompous and proud... If that was a reflection of their whole leadership, then I...
  17. Top 12: Sink or Swim

    Thank goodness we have Kyle's well timed top 12 to compair the outcome of this to afterwards. Kyle you knew this was coming didn't you ;)
  18. Top 12: Sink or Swim

    <3 me some kyle.
  19. Last User to Post here Wins

    Woe is me... Being dethroned of my Noobdum.
  20. count to 50 before a mod posts

    He is mean 3