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  1. Sloth Almighty

    Morale enabled from here on?? Rumors true?

    There is a rumor circulating, which i believe derived from the EN forums, that all worlds will soon have morale enabled with no option for a non-morale world. Is this rumor true, can any one verify this claim? If so, what is the intention of this. To further this discussion, I would also like...
  2. Sloth Almighty

    'Sign in' button in inconvenient place

    Why is the 'sign in' link all the way to the bottom of the forum? It's very trivial I know, but it would be more convenient being at the top of the page I think.
  3. Sloth Almighty

    In game forum issues

    Since the last update, in game forums have been having issues for a majority of people (in our alliance anyway). It seems all reports generated prior to the update seem to corrupt any thread its posted in, and the golden wheel sits on screen and will no longer give access to that thread. When...
  4. Sloth Almighty

    Post your wall

    Anyone brave enough to post their wall or a section they are proud of (daring potential ridicule) post away :D Mine is far from super impressive in total, but managed to sink (i think) a good amount of CS so far. Keen to pair up and see how i stack up against the rest of the world
  5. Sloth Almighty

    Grepolis not working in Australia!?

    Anyone else not able to load Grepolis today? It wont respond, the app or browser. Tried different computers, tablet and phone. Different networks both home, work and my 4G. Cant connect. Every other site and internet related app working fine. Its only Grepolis not responding. Cleared my cache...
  6. Sloth Almighty

    Forum update...

    At the bottom of the Forum page is the list of Generation X worlds and Closed worlds... Thought i'd point out that there have been quite a number of worlds closed that are still sitting in the 'active' section, should maybe be moved in with the rest of the 'closed worlds' section. Also in the...
  7. Sloth Almighty

    Spartas big finish

    For all those sleeping away in their cities in Sparta till the world closes, a mighty battle took place yesterday/this morning. The 2 titans of Sparta squared off in a battle for the ages. One Wheel of Infamy wonder city spike owned by GOS, taken on the 09-09 and been stacked to the heavens...
  8. Sloth Almighty

    Buffs on Hydra

    So can someone please confirm, which (if any) buffs/hero's actually effect Hydra please? Research - Divine Selection Spell - Favorable wind Hero - Urephon Hero - Zuretha Oddly enough, Winds have no effect in the simulator, yet Heroic Power seems to give a bonus... Yet this spell is for...
  9. Sloth Almighty

    Gracious in defeat

    So apparently i'm now a bad guy, for playing the objectives to this game? haha This guy sent me what i perceived as a formal pact request, to which i declined in a formal, nice manner. Since then, i have had zero interaction with this guy or his fellow members directly or indirectly. 3...
  10. Sloth Almighty

    Trivial grammar

    I have noticed for a while that this small grammar error has not been addressed, and my OCD just begged me to post it here in-case it was over looked during several updates. Helena is just spelt as 'Helen' in the pop up tool tip. Nothing to rage quit and ghost about, but it would satisfy the...
  11. Sloth Almighty

    Luxury Residence clarification

    So it states that the hero will receive experience points each midnight so long as he/she is not involved in an attack.. Does this mean, that the hero must only be 'alive' once midnight hits to receive the midnightly bonus, or does the hero not receive any points if he/she has only died for...