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  1. Milestones

    Alliance Indians wanted to be our academy and i accepted
  2. New World has 146 members

    we are not enemeis whith hades Hellhounds, we have a pact too
  3. New World has 146 members

    yes but we have better average points, they are in O54 and New World is in O45
  4. New World has 146 members

    :)) , i have 50 requests for invitations today
  5. Milestones

    first alliance whith 1k battle points attack -New World
  6. Top Twelve opinions?

    top average points (min 10members): 1.Soulcatchers (1100) 2.Fear (915) 3.New World (905) 4.Scorpio Rising (850) 5.TARTARUS (840)
  7. Sink Or Swim?

    yes, new world have 118000 points but look at the Soulcatchers average points
  8. Top Twelve opinions?

    Top 5 alliances: 1.New World 2.Scorpio Rising 3.Cats 4.Soulcatchers 5.ELITE
  9. Late Night's Laughing Out Loud

    this guy Cr1tter attacked another member who is in our alliance whith 20biremes :))
  10. Late Night's Laughing Out Loud

    i saw one of my players is farming... , he will be help
  11. New World II

    if you have over avarege points of the big alliance you can join to New World and if you havent contact general tuggs in the academy. And i dont play on lambda.
  12. New World II

    For the moment New World is number 1 one and New World II is number 2. If you want to be in our family request invitation in our academy. Contact: New World - stelta14 or ***Generalul*** New World II - general tuggs I have 2years expperience on Grepolis and I played on other servers.
  13. New World

    New world recrut players (minimum 600points), in special players whit experience. All players under 600points request invitation in New World II, our academy. We are extend on Ocean55 and 56. Contact New World: stelta14 Contact New World II: Misticu