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    World Discussion

    Grepo doesn't decide this. Player activity does. Recruit some friends are grow faster and more rocks may open
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    Looking for old friends

    I don't think most of the players play anymore sadly unless they have new names.
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    Gribbe Posse's Memes

    Yes he is! :D
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    Trash Talk

    Much like Gribbe never getting an invite back, it never happened!! ;)
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    Trash Talk

    I love you too
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    Trash Talk

    R U OK? Seems you are getting rimmed?
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    Trash Talk

    Careful straightupfacts ;) You might get in trouble for talking about nono subjects LOL
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    Can't make connection to server on mobile

    How many outstanding invites do you have lmao
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    Trash Talk

    He said you were garbage
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    Emporioen Times Issue 3

    Your only fault here was interviewing Gribbe
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    Guess this Pig Leader

    Who is LadyNaida???????? You can tell because there are almost as many birs as her total fighter rank even though she has been around since day 1
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    Drama Queens

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    POLL: State of the Grepolis Forum Rules

    All I see is; No one has any self control and doesn't want to follow rules. Its very easy to have a conversation on the forums and not get in any trouble. Lurks can probably tell me if I am wrong but I am pretty sure I have had this account for seven years or so, actively use the forums for...
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    POLL: State of the Grepolis Forum Rules

    People create world chats to make fun of people's dead family members and to cuss out children. Most world chats turn into a spiral of having 100 people in it with the same 10 people talking just like these forums. Except in those world chats you have random toxic children with no leash who go...
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    Gribbe Posse's Memes

    I believe he is saying you cannot mention players names regarding bans. You can make the jokes but you cannot tie a players name to it on the forum.