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  1. New World Byblos Discussion Thread

    Damn....You guys on this server be like
  2. New World Byblos NB Poll

    The admins apparently are way too busy to post a poll, so here is the official unofficial NB poll for New World Byblos
  3. New World Byblos Discussion Thread

    Oh I have no idea atm but 132 is winding down so I'll talk with a few there and see who's up for it. This is only if NB goes away.
  4. New World Byblos Discussion Thread

    Take away NB and I think we can arrange a EN vs you and your buds situation
  5. Username

    Sorry snowflake, didn't mean to hurt yur poor lil feelings.....Now go grab your blanky
  6. New World Byblos Discussion Thread

    No night bonus
  7. Username

    This is the way to keep a forum alive, answer a 3.5yr old question.
  8. Any one joining?

    Not only is this world dead the whole server is dead. Think I'll stick to the en server.
  9. Any one joining?

    wow.. Might not be worth it then.
  10. Any one joining?

    A few hours since world has opened and not a word in the forums.:confused:
  11. New World - Tegea Feedback Thread

    Might be a few of us coming from the en server
  12. A bot question

    Interesting how you complain about one guy spending 1 mil in silver trying to spy as you admit you've spent over 5 mil? Kettle black?