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  1. Top 12 Potatoes

    1. Redemption (Sink) MRA MRA MRA 2. Undecided (Swim) I mean what do you expect. Look at the roster ;) 3. The Order (Sink) MRA MRA MRA 4. Four Horsemen (Swim) Really the only other team that matters other than Undecided. They have a lot of great players
  2. Milestones

    Do you want a cookie ;)
  3. Top 12

    hehe, i was at the beach and didn't have good connection! messed up on the snipe :)
  4. Top 12

    LEX doesn't help ME at all really, they helped me snipe one cs lol, ive gotten no lts or anything from them btw :)
  5. Top 12

    They are sniping the cs's? I could go back further and find more :)
  6. Top 12

    We are actually by ourselves :)
  7. Trash Talk

    LOL you didn’t even kick me and how many cs’s have we sniped so far? I think we are on 19 or 20 now?
  8. Trash Talk

    I took a city too and I am in an alliance of 3!! ;)
  9. Trash Talk

    fall off* lol
  10. Trash Talk

    I love being talked about on the externals!!!! ;)
  11. Nicaea Chronicles Issue Two

    JR the Sad Reporter, how do you not know them? AD is the leader :)
  12. Top 12 sink or swim

    Lol after I made the top 10, about 2 minutes after a top 12 thread was made.
  13. Nicaea Chronicles Issue One

    Kittens of Doom pacted with Caliber? I can confirm that PMB doesn't have a nap with KoD
  14. Top 10 Sink or Swim

    I guess I will start lol 1. Relentless- Number 1 on points. Number 1 on ABP and DBP coming out of Beginners Protection with a bang. A lot of familiar faces over there and experience. Swim 2. Spartan Elite- Have a good core going, seems they will take 55 without anyone to stop them. A lot of...
  15. Top 10 Sink or Swim

    You know the deal