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    Top 12 - Sinope

    World boring.
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    Trash Talk

    Hmm thread is dead.
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    WW Calculation

    Except a slower and more painful death.
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    WW Calculation

    Why did you guys have to break the WW calculator. I heard it got fix? Is that true. Is this world ever going end?
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    The fall of Young guns

    I can't believe they allowed tbom to join now for sure pigs alliances will be defeated of they will collapse
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    The fall of Young guns

    Dang @Tbom9 what happened to Young guns. Oh, they collapse due to lack of resources to internalize in active players.(Only if they allowed someone with lots of slots to join before they collapse they might still be around today) So now it's pigs whose number one in the world. I give them until...
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    Wars of Mochlos

    Good that means my plan is working.
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    Angels vs demons

    Demon 119
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    Come'on earl. Trash talking is how we show our love.;)
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    Military time helps with mobile, at least for me it does. The app goes off of what you have you're phone set to. So if you have it set to 12-hours the game will have am and PM. If you set it to 24 hours it basically the same as the browser version for game time.
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    Top 12

    After you;)
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    count to 50 before a mod posts

    23... 50
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    Last User to Post here Wins

    I'll 1v1 you Steve.
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    Trash Talk

    So, hmm
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    Yeah, ik nobody likes me either.