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  1. QUESTION: academy applying to Myth units

    great that answered it thank you much...
  2. QUESTION: academy applying to Myth units

    I know you need the LS escort, I meant in general would it apply to Erinys, centaurs, or cyclops. I was told that the phalanx does not apply to them and was wondering if the break thru worked with them and having the LS escort. I was referin to land units as not flying myth troops, sorry for the...
  3. QUESTION: academy applying to Myth units

    Hi I saw a thread regarding myth units and phalanx not applying to myths. I was wondering if break thru works with myth units if they are ground troops only.. thanks
  4. Hostilities

    they may be short in stature... :\
  5. Tail between their legs

    LOL, truer words never typed..
  6. Best/Worst of Theta

    I can only comment on the guys I have played with or against... Best Player: AlexCaudill hasnt lost a city, or Spin defended against 5 sieges at one time Best Alliance: Soon to be announced Justice Brotherhood Best Fighter: Lord Dominus or Sgt. Bofa always attacking!! Best Defender: Spin or...
  7. Theta Update

    well didn't mean to ignite that blow torch, just wondering the classification of a noob.. lol I only have like 8 or 9 months so still in my infancy myself. I am not gonna downplay anyone here as there are a lot of good players on both sides and some not. I think taking of inactives is part of...
  8. Theta Update

    So what makes these alliances NOOBS NOOBIER and NOOBIEST? Just curious..
  9. Thanks for the fun!!

    Hey guys new to the forum, first time on them actually... Love all the trash talk pretty funny stuff. Anyways just wanted to say hello and thanks for he fun.. Everyone I have dealt with "enemy" or not has been really good sports and I appreciate the gamesmanship. Few exceptions here and there...