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  1. Preworld Discussion

    Speed 1. By the time you have send out your attacks Corona is already over.
  2. Corona.

    You dont even have that many slots. But sure, come CS me. <3
  3. Corona.

    Hello, As I've already send this out on US85., We all dont know where this is going to, and in all honesty I believe in the fact that it does not go to there as in the long run. But in a game with pixels, where we all attack eachother, let us also in this time (Do not let those attacks...
  4. Wall of Shame

    WW era. Timed everything, very close to eachother (Actually had luck timing that day), taking over a city in their WW island. What did I forgot? RIght, CS. We all have those rookie mistakes every once in a while.
  5. Due for a speed 1 release

    Speed 1 ugh. Send out a attack, go to work and do a full shift, watch a movie or 2, sleep to come back and see it landing. Nice!