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  1. Leadership 101

    Lol I'm callin bs. You don't learn about game characters in psychology. If you were truly unaffected by what he did, you wouldn't have posted so many times about it nor questioned the character of my entire alliance. And you're not allowed to say anything about my alliance. The only thing your...
  2. New World has 146 members

    Well most everyone. Mra's never work. Either leaders get bored and quit, or they make big mistakes. And people who don't see those patterns are either stupid, uninsightful, or noobs.
  3. Sink Or Swim?

    New World- a better name would be "noob world". SINK Hades Hellhounds- seem like a bit of an mra- probably sink, possibly float Celestial Ocean- same as hades Scorpio Rising- no comment Cats- seem like they have good leadership even if not points- float, maybe swim Soulcatchers-...
  4. New World has 146 members

    new world is such an mra. people are so stupid to want to join.what have they even accomplished besides recruiting the most people?
  5. Sink Or Swim?

    Good point Stelta, soulcatchers are far better than new world :p
  6. Sink Or Swim?

    Agreed. I just wasn't sure which way he was taking my statement :p
  7. Top Twelve opinions?

    Agreed about NW. High average, but they seem like noobs :p
  8. Map of important alliances.

    Notice how spread out New World is. I think this will create many failed defenses for them. They're spread too thin. New World- Red Scorpio Rising- Green Cats- White Soulcatchers-Black
  9. Sink Or Swim?

    I think New World will probably float unless they get a major enemy.
  10. Top Twelve opinions?

    What is everyone's opinions of the top twelve thus far? Please post a list of the 12 alliances and analyze each one if you want to participate.
  11. Scorpio Rising

    Well, it looks like we're the most developed idea for an alliance at least. Not many people seem interested in this world. :p
  12. Scorpio Rising

    Northeast. thank you i forgot to mention that. And charl, i never said anything about winning WW lol. But based on my experiences as a recruiter and leader, i think at the very least we shall rule our respective ocean, and possibly become a first place alliance and maintain first place for a...
  13. Scorpio Rising

    When this new world forms, there's going to be a global threat- Scorpio Rising. I am an experienced player, having played all the way back from Rho, and i have came back after a year long break from the world of Grepolis. I have had a history of making very, very successful alliances...