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  1. Somebody say something offensive about somebody else

    Quick question why are the forums for this world so slow?
  2. Somebody say something offensive about somebody else

    Slayer's penguin is horrifying in the best possible way.
  3. Make fun of the person above you

    You can't do anything right
  4. Heroes

    How would one regulate against the creation of academy alliances?
  5. DeltaForce

    Thanks doctor. We have an oligarchy, but members can suggest actions to those in authority, and they are often listened to.
  6. Future Five!

    Even still, in 2 months it would be very unlikely that a 35 player alliance will have more points than a 70 player alliance, especially with one of the larger late-game margins.
  7. Future Five!

    How would those be the top 5 with 35 members? Maybe most improved.
  8. DeltaForce

    Yeah, diplomacy's interesting around here, but I'm lobbying to destroy four of them now.
  9. DeltaForce

    DeltaForce is one of the strongest alliances in the game, ranked 7th in the world, with a relatively high average, and is ranked second in Ocean 54 by a meager 700 points. For diplomatic matters, send a well-written in-game message to Etherial Dawn. No blind pacts will be accepted. For...

    There are 16 alliances with over 80k points, but how do we know who's first?
  11. Farming Villages

    it's not possible
  12. Top 12

    Wouldn't it be more of a float? because sails are on ships, and ships float
  13. Top 12

    I wonder which alliance you're in. BTW you might want to make Aweshock, the only swim, stand out a little more to display it's might.
  14. Top 12

    GEFG: swim Age of Gladiators: sink Pathogen: swim Age of Spartans: sink Section 8: swim Unstoppables: swim The Black Plague: swim DeltaForce: no comment Wolfe Pack Clan: sink Black Death: swim
  15. Top 12

    Might as well start now.