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  1. Davidos

    Wow that was a beautiful 15 minutes of reading :D
  2. Davidos

    He is unity
  3. Free population

    A lot of people employ a strategy of strategically demolishing a bunch of buildings that are unhelpful in a city, for example in a Light Ships nuke city many players will only have a 20-25 quarry since stone is not needed as much, hence allowing them to build more LS and hit harder. Many...
  4. Mesembria's Rally Against The Redcoats

    I hear they still beating up cats and dogs
  5. Mesembria's Rally Against The Redcoats

    Enjoy breaking me
  6. Mesembria's Rally Against The Redcoats

    Wow that's crazy because it looks like you literally called on DOA and lawless for assistance
  7. Mesembria's Rally Against The Redcoats

    I appreciate your efforts! We need more good men like you helping put this unstoppable redcoat threat to justice!
  8. Mesembria's Rally Against The Redcoats

    Lol broski chill out they aren't even kicking everyone else that badly, granted they have a head start on temples and got some pretty sweet buffs (and a solid core), but for everyone has 50 days to catch up, based on the map dogs and cats seem to have more cities overall and a pretty okay core...
  9. Trash Talk Thread

    I won`t lie yall do some some nice temples, You had the same idea as me but yall acted quicker, nice job, although I still think we will 1-up you in the end
  10. Idea for purchasable items

    Actually the idea of purchasing your own skins and maybe city looks and whatnot is actually really cool, I disagree with the shields however, NB is good enough for preventing night attacks
  11. Speed messed up?

    I am pretty sure the travel time simulator is still stuck on speed 1 settings, not a huge deal just thought I would bring it up
  12. Speed messed up?

    I would not mind a reset, as it is I do not think many players will continue in this world as the setting will make everything hectic, a reset or maybe you can drop an entirely new world in the next week?
  13. Speed messed up?

    Okay cool, I understand mistakes happen but I have already brought starter packs for this world and no longer wish to continue it with the new settings, I know many other players have done the same, will we be allowed refunds?
  14. Who is coming?

    Looking at the world no one is lol, 209? Players as of right now
  15. Speed messed up?

    Yeah I noticed build times definitely seem to reflect a speed 2 or 1 world, thought I was just going crazy