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    Rumor Mill

    let me get this straight? you betrayed those who took care of you and now you want you to want to delete your history so you can do it again to somebody else. I am disappointed in you. I expected more of you!
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    Ialysos Newspaper #2

    yep - this is one newspaper I would like to read
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    Rumor Mill

    lets get the facts straight. I buried a family member this last week and took some time out from game. power hungry people saw my temporary absence as a weakness. I see this as something glorious shame on those who took advantage and a big thumbs up to those that step up and keep things going...
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    Ialysos Newspaper #2

    i look forward to reading the next update!
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    explain this? - how do you build a wall from 7 to 25 in 90 minutes?

    guess i know that. just sucks that people pay so much money to protect one city. when how much gold you spend dictates whether you can win or lose in a game - it starts to take the fun out of it.
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    explain this? - how do you build a wall from 7 to 25 in 90 minutes?

    damn i need to go back to school on how to do this?
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    our stance is easy we are not allies with anybody everybody is red to us red=dead why do we need to declare war?
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    Top 12 sink or swim

    Deimos has 8 out of 20 players ranking in the top 20 of the ocean we are controlling. thats 40% of the top 20 and more are coming up fast. Everyone of these players are active and close together, slowly moving together through the ocean cutting lines and leaving a trail behind us. Again...
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    Ibra's Auto Updating Maps

    great how you done this! love it