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    I'm a nOOb in need

    Someone school me, I'm clueless
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    Antz - Server Administrator

    Yo yo Antz.... moving up in the world
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    Deleting A Post

    Don't post it in the first place.... helps!
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    Someone asked for the good looking group and obvs I was number one on that that's why I'm here
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    Quitting The Game & Why

    Grow a pair and grab some tissues for them issues
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    Top killer on grepo intel

    Yup on a set day..... got bored of seeing myself on it
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    Well what do you know ....

    Go AWOL from this game and forum for a short while and everything changes, the old community manager has been replaced (prob a smart move) new coma killed Skype chats (prob a smart move) forum is still dead (unlikely to change as you yanks are a boring bunch ) and you've advanced a tonne of...
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    Come Find Me

    HH is nothing but a walter mitty, you've done something then hes done it better. Lied about military service, lied about someone apparently coming to a house with a gun, lied to his own alliance about multiple things. in short the guy is not worth being in the same team as.
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    Why did I not see an announcement for this world in the announcements section??

    Woah look at all the forum mods replying to this post, oh wait .......... ....
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    New world! US56 - Myonia

    Looks good
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    Gold gone wrong #hottiesaretheworstgrepplayersever #thebiggestepicfailever

    Inno make it up as they go along #DetailedPlanWrittenOnCigarettePacket
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    Trash Talk and Rumour Mill

    Laid here laughing at this enjoying this, enjoy your grep. Can't wait to see how many alliances start on pokemon go Pahahahahah
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    PnP GrepoGods of Ida

    Told nobody, I'll be back soon
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    Rim the CoMa

    I'm loving the new name, kinda fits nicely HH
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    What is a grepolis scrub??????

    That song to reach #1