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  1. Top 12 Sink or Swim

    1) G.A.R. Whether you think they are the sweatiest kids in the server or the most likely to default on rent next month due to their exorbitant gold usage, this alliance has a solid lead in points and cities. Yet somehow they are trailing/even with Martial Law in attack BP and as fighters...
  2. PnP G.O.A.T. Deception

    Farsala. US50. Mischief Hour.
  3. PnP G.O.A.T. Deception

    This is totally false, you left when we got attacked. Didn't hand off your cities just said "I'm out and not logging back in". Put us in an awful position which is unfortunate because after the few serves I've played against you, you had momentarily gained my respect as a player.
  4. Farsala gossip

    Lol... you mean kinda like how Unsullied dissolved 4-5 days after you took the reigns? :D
  5. Farsala gossip

    34-5 is not the score... maybe of the recent fight but not when considering taking Bow's cities and the cities from Naise. Not denying we lost cities because we did (a lot), but how many cities did we take from you all right after peace time? I remember you begging us for a NAP which we granted...
  6. Wars of Farsala

    Maybe to the new NC... but the history is a little longer than that. Not a bad Op though, congrats
  7. Top 12: Sink or Swim

    Hehe - well it would be a little funny if it were
  8. Wars of Farsala

    Lol well it's nice to know there is at least one "war" going on lol.. DoR, Unsullied, Name Changers (Looking at you Bowflex) and us keep steam rolling everyone.
  9. Top 12: Sink or Swim

    For an alliance who likes to troll everyone in game, I'd say you got trolled by Oggami when he left you all out of the top 4 :P
  10. Top 12: Sink or Swim

    Dare I say, our coolaid was better than what Bring the Juice could offer? :@
  11. World discussion

    I agree. Little ridiculous. Why?
  12. Top 12 players

    Kyle I agree lol.. this is turning out to be a good server
  13. MileStones

    brob09 first to 10k total bp
  14. Trash Talk

    Lol internet warrior in it's own habitat... away from the battle ground talking trash from a safe distance.
  15. Crazy stuff

    If you saw the fight you would understand :)