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    Hephaestus Blessing

    That's a silly question.. why keep a great feature in the game, that doesn't make any sense at all?
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    New World Amisos Discussion Thread

    I'll be coming to plunder yer gold coins
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    Hero for luck

    Second this!
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    New market rework and building/troop gold use.

    I loved the old halving build time for 25G system, the Insta buy is too OP. And I know, because I exploited the absolute hell out of it when I felt the need. Love the rest of the ideas, but to be honest, the forums are dead. No one even reads these anymore except a handful of players (like us)...
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    Nagidos Sink / Swim

    Group Hug - Swim Hugs and Tugs - Swim Everyone else - Sink, drown, never to resurface Sloth - Carried, once again, to victory. It's been fun Nagidos, but the crest has been reached and this world now decided. Now it's a long drawn out, dragging coast to victory. As for that Sloth guy...
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    The Divine Trials Of Hermes

    Lord of the underworld himself, Hades Sloth Almighty
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    Morale enabled from here on?? Rumors true?

    There is a rumor circulating, which i believe derived from the EN forums, that all worlds will soon have morale enabled with no option for a non-morale world. Is this rumor true, can any one verify this claim? If so, what is the intention of this. To further this discussion, I would also like...
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    PnP: We Wish To Inform You That Tomorrow You'll Be Rimmed With Your Alliances

    Nah just trading, trying to fund my other server haha Naw its ok don't be jealous, plenty of Sloth to go around
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    Changelog 2.136

    "After receiving your helpful feedback regarding the island quest rewards, we agreed to make some of the rewards non-stackable" I'm curious as to who in their right mind would have suggested that tokens be non-stackable? Why would any player want to impede on their own progression or make...
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    PnP: We Wish To Inform You That Tomorrow You'll Be Rimmed With Your Alliances

    go team! kill! destroy! keep buying resources from the market with your gold! Help fund the poor Sloth
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    Rumor Mill

    Rumor has it that all the great players that have joined are here to gold trade only, and will ghost in the next 2-3 months . . .
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    Quitting The Game & Why

    Your IGN is definitely familiar but i can't pick where!
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    'Sign in' button in inconvenient place

    Why is the 'sign in' link all the way to the bottom of the forum? It's very trivial I know, but it would be more convenient being at the top of the page I think.
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    Unneccessary duplications

    I would love more slots and the ability to have more tokens myself. But there does need to be a cut off limit, lest it be abused during events by people with the biggest pockets. I think it is fine how it is, there has to be a middle ground.
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    Reset during World Wonders

    I hate WW its the worst ending to this game you can have imo. But what is mentioned above is spot on, it's cheating the system more than what VM was