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  1. A world with no Gold, everything on, but prepaid so everyone is at an actual even level!

    yeah no thanks if im paying 50 to play a world im not waiting 60 days to take someones city lmao
  2. Who is coming?

    then go play solitaire if you want to complain about people using money on the game. Its been years since the game has been like this either adapt or leave. I promise you that you will not be missed by us or Inno
  3. Trash Talk Thread

    lets see sertags repy to his mra still behind in the score card
  4. Who is coming?

    dont be like that u know grepo is the home for people like us
  5. TOP 12 Sink or Float Alliances

    top 12 dont mean anything nowadays when only two alliances make it past three weeks
  6. TOP 12 Sink or Float Alliances

    lmao so kicking out players or going out of the alliance for bp on a internal is not fair play? man you live in a delusional world. i find it funny you are so worried about what we are doing. i know we are good but we wont sign any autographs
  7. TOP 12 Sink or Float Alliances

    Lmao says the group who also has multiple alliances working together. Id worry less about others and more about your dead weight
  8. Grepo Paradise

  9. Grepo Paradise

    Hahaha just picking at yall
  10. Grepo Paradise

    Oof rough
  11. Grepo Paradise

    Lmao dusty I'm sure bez Boys are to busy crying over those 800 Trans they lost
  12. Top 12 Potatoes

    Lol will this mythhy player be the new mega on this server only time will tell
  13. Rumor Has It

    why are you so salty you should probably go on a salt free diet it would be better for your health
  14. Nikaia Relationship Counseling.

    Can we all take a look a megas cities and see how much of a crush he has on Athena. Its cute his first love<3
  15. Nikaia Relationship Counseling.

    thats on him but if someone is still more active on the bp rank than you you shouldnt call them a simmer. i havent put as much time in this world correct i just help blow stuff up for our big dogs when i can.