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  1. Open Letter of Apology To War Dogs Attackers

    Hmm. I'm amused. Bring it don't sing it. I'm waiting. I;m bored!
  2. Trash Talk.

    Can;t believe a simmer is still running mouth
  3. Open Letter of Apology To War Dogs Attackers

    I'll answer 1 question. I use the term Homie because I use the slang my RL peeps use and they aren't red neck Rubes. Most are not pale pasty white folks like I am. Clear enough?
  4. Open Letter of Apology To War Dogs Attackers

    Time I outed TBD leaders. Putter asked me to leave and Meg posted to boot me for her DEC 27 must have 2 new cities bench mark . Yeah her 2 new colonies on rocks were way better then the 2 reds I took worth 16K. My clown homies lost it. I offered you us after we left our services on our terms...
  5. Open Letter of Apology To War Dogs Attackers

    I don't complain about gold and continue attacking. Then again you know I'm crazy ;)
  6. Trash Talk.

    Lets be clear, there are 3 factions on this server and the 2 biggest look at the 3rd as food to build for the big battle / end game. Pretty sure we all know this.
  7. Trash Talk.

    HEHE, this is better then sleeping on the beach
  8. Trash Talk.

    I'm amused
  9. Trash Talk.

    LOLOL, I posted only 7 of yours for OPs and we took 11 or 12. I think you have no clue about warfare. Keep running to the rim. Obviously running your mouth isn't working out for you
  10. Trash Talk.

    Hey BigJ, he started trash. You peeps got me this morn. Good job .
  11. Trash Talk.

    Nah, I'll let you live on the rim, even Satan can show mercy.
  12. Trash Talk.

    OK, on topic- Satan is coming for you(me)
  13. Top 12

    This is pure funny stuff, how many did we take? I'm still rolling on Steve due to his arrogance. I'd stop if he'd beg for mercy. Then again I get pounded and would never beg for mercy or submit like he has.
  14. Top 12

    LOLOL, hell is coming Steve.
  15. Top 12

    stevehazelnuttehepic Hoplite Thursday at 9:55 PM Add bookmark #119 1 TBD- Still going strong, couple of players nearing the end of VM that may pose a problem. Then again, it's TBD. They'll handle it. 2/4/10 War Dogs- Also going strong, however they seem to be having problems actually winning...