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  1. 103 Premade

    As long as it's not a conquest world or speed 1 type settings, I'll be giving the new world a go.
  2. Its Time To Consolidate Servers

    This sounds like a good idea..I've been trying to get the motivation to play again, but..the worlds I've popped in to have just been missing that old drive.
  3. Nagidos Sink / Swim

    His caps lock was so loud, I heard it and started a new server, from whatever dusty bin they put old grepo retirees.
  4. Grepolis reunion?

    It's been a good long while since I've hopped into a server, so we'll see how it goes!
  5. Grepolis reunion?

    The Padres are my team , so I'm biased. But the Yankees have a lot of injuries. I think Clint and Diva both have a point here. Anyone who says you don't need gold to be good, and successful at this game are right..but at a certain point, the gold is going to tip it 9 times out of 10, if the...
  6. Grepolis reunion?

    Don't go dissing the Padres, now..they're a good team this year, Clint:P
  7. Lamia mildly unpleasant banter thread!

    It's been a very fun server, though, for which everyone should be glad!:D
  8. Lamia mildly unpleasant banter thread!

    I suppose it might help , in the end, for TMN to say "well we won the war, you all just survived the server." And that isn't really for me to gripe about . However, in my opinion we won the war. First we weathered the loss of a good group of players..then weathered the loss of both the...
  9. Wars

    We can use "they spent gold and got the first title" as an excuse, or we can all perhaps concede that CV, Vig, and company put forth the monumental effort of filling wonders with all those resources in very short order, and were consistently ahead of both TSF and TMN on the wonders we needed to...
  10. Wars

    You actually HAVE said something about gold, not just in the past but in the post you just put up , Cranky. And Clint was just pointing out that coming from someone well known to gold up his walls at an impressive pace, it's hypocritical for you to do so. It's silly to dismiss others using gold...
  11. Lamia mildly unpleasant banter thread!

    I thought I'd point out only that for most of this thread, the biggest issue --at least on my part--was the basic refusal to give ANY credit to The Collective (and it's various incarnations) by Cranky. A very basic refusal to allow for circumstances other than "you guys got pwned." And that is...
  12. Lamia mildly unpleasant banter thread!

    I still maintain that this has been my favorite server so far. It hasn't let up at all.
  13. Lamia mildly unpleasant banter thread!

    I don't sounds like that last post was just some of the excuse making we have been getting accused of..Sometimes one has to admit to taking a good punch in the face even when the guard was up when everyone can see the bruise afterwards.
  14. Lamia mildly unpleasant banter thread!

    It feels slightly disingenuous that when we colonize, or defend/turtle up the sky is falling. When others colonize and stack cities it's proper strategy. One's point isn't made stronger by ignoring the fact that their opponent isn't as nefarious or as incompetent as they seem to be portrayed...
  15. Lamia mildly unpleasant banter thread!

    A lot of this is sort of silly to get involved with ..but this.." ...progenitor alliance Dark Elite who build nothing but offense..." is just blatant nonsense/hyperbole from people just looking to take pot shots at a lot of people who are no longer in the server. Laud or complain about the DE of...