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  1. Wind of change

    The speed definitely is a little concerning, especially for players who are new to the game. In additional, this is my two cents which doesn't matter as much, it's veryyyyy slow paced
  2. The Divine Trials Of Hermes

    Hmm... Hera! Raymondhero - Mesembria 92
  3. The Divine Trials Of Hermes

    Poseidon :) 92 Mesembria !
  4. The Divine Trials Of Hermes

    God is Athena
  5. The Divine Trials Of Hermes

    Hades loves his dogs ;) RaymondHero
  6. Update warnings

    Alarms have always been an issue. I hope the developers are able to actually spend some time into making alarms efficient. If this continues, player counts will most likely decline as well.
  7. Trash Talk Thread

    It's part of the game? Say less, so sertag sending me an attack, and then pulling 2 seconds after x 10 is fair play ! I'll keep that in mind :D
  8. Trash Talk Thread

    need a break from your crap ;) Sorry I got you excited, but i dont sleep much so next time just hit me and stop recalling, or i'll just report you instead<3
  9. Trash Talk Thread

    Those poor fliers, wonder who's leading Cats, told their team to send flyers and Light ships, both ending in failures haha
  10. Trash Talk Thread

    i love how he ignores the fact of what I said hahahaha Just proves our point, he cares so much about "Numbers"so he can "brag" and talk trash at the end of the day, he'll kick just about anyone
  11. Trash Talk Thread

    Rest in Peace Lethal, you carried cats and dogs for months, only for them to kick you out of YOUR own alliance
  12. Trash Talk Thread

    Whatever you need to tell yourself to sleep peacefully at night ;)
  13. Trash Talk Thread

    I don't know man, you sound dumb right now. Given that every time we take a city, you guys immediately kick the player to preserve numbers... Big deal lmao, you talk so much, but you're just a loud mouth nothing else. Just to correct you, we took 8 cities from Cats, and we lost 11 so far :)...
  14. Trash Talk Thread

    Could've sworn there was another alliance.... JEEP, ah right 40 members less this time and only dwindling.
  15. Sink or Swim

    Cat in Hats knows nothing about that. Dogs in clogs have alot to say about carrying logs