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    Curiosity begs me to wonder...

    Will there be any events upcoming for this world, like Mythical Hen or Aegean Battleships? I'm new to the game, so I don't know if there are always events near the dawn of worlds or even always events at all or if the events are World-specific or universal. Any info would be appreciated. :)
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    US 90 - Kasmenai Pre-World Discussion Thread

    Oh, and stevehazelnutteh, I really don't think it works that way, as only one person at a time is technically performing a conquest or revolt, and that action is a prerequisite to Helen's effect, no matter how many allies you have. Everyone else is in actuality just supporting you.
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    US 90 - Kasmenai Pre-World Discussion Thread

    Ummm is a time ever announced for a world start, or do they always start at a specific time, or do you just have to constantly check and hope you're awake and at your computer when it happens?
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    Alternate version idea

    I think it would be a good idea if there were two world types. The current buy gold with real money could be kept, of course, as I fully understand the economics of micro-purchasing, but another version could be instituted with a flat rate monthly fee, so that having bigger pockets does not...