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  1. World Discussion

    Cheers to whoever reported my city names
  2. World Discussion

    This world needs a little kick, let's get it going!
  3. TOP 12 Sink or Float Alliances

    Most Wanted 69 is looking pretty strong to me...
  4. Wars of Mochlos

  5. Random Interviews

    Interview me please. I will only answer questions about my sex life. You are very welcome in advance.
  6. Souper Group

    Correct grammar too, what can't he do
  7. Trash it

    We are all Maul
  8. New world

  9. Top 12

  10. Who All Is Coming

    Just here to see you guys kiss. Oh, and post this video
  11. Top 12

    Mauler is the chillest dude in this forum, sorry if you guys can't recognize greatness.
  12. New world

  13. New world

    Anyone want to drop in together? I was thinking of waiting until tomorrow but would rather head in with others instead of figuring out alliance situations once I'm in.
  14. Who All Is Coming

    Any good premades here? May drop in if the world is short
  15. Top 12

    Do you choose to not take cities, because you prefer to found them? Do build exclusively Light Ships? Come on down to PITA!