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  1. Open Letter of Apology To War Dogs Attackers

    Wait they are OPing us? I thought they were just giving out free BP?
  2. PnP: Too much confidence

    Little addition here. Does gold put a lot of people at a disadvantage? Yes it does. I do understand that. The term "golder" wasnt coined for awhile, but I early worlds no one world say anything if somebody was. Its only a problem because people stopped playing due to real life, which is far...
  3. PnP: Too much confidence

    Lmao Ive been around since 2013 under different names. Gold has always been an excuse even at the start. Obviously gold plays a factor. But that cant be the only excuse anyone ever has. Heres a thought. Golders grow faster than everyone else in their alliance, right? Hit them first. Or hit...
  4. PnP: Too much confidence

    Gold makes it easier, yes. The game died off awhile ago. It is what it is. Some people you thik sped thousands of dollars on gold really dont spend much at all. Join every world and gold trade them bam, you can gold stuff up. Theres ways for everyone to gold at some point. Its a lame excuse. Its...
  5. Trash Talk.

    Awfully quiet around these parts..
  6. PnP: Too much confidence

    Lol thats such a lame excuse. Gold use has been around the entirety of grep. Its something you have to adapt to bud. Experience can beat gold usage, you just gotta know how to play
  7. And so it Begins...

    Who is Clint lol
  8. Top 10 Sink or Swim

    US externals are dead because most interaction becomes "Infraction points"
  9. Trash Talk.

    As someone that caught it and beat it, I find it a bit funny honestly.
  10. Top 10 Sink or Swim

    Im 116th and havent played consistently in 2 months.
  11. Preworld Discussion

    Ill allow it, this time. Next time I might not be so forgiving.
  12. Preworld Discussion

    Maybe if they'd ever look at my application lmaoooo Dom
  13. Preworld Discussion

  14. Gribbe Posse's Memes

    That's actually impressive
  15. Fools Graveyard v. Syndicate

    When I was in Syndicate, there was some stuff that happened with that. 1. There was a player that was in Fool's Graveyard that attacked fellow alliance mates and allies, he was booted and Syndicate picked him up, and there was a shouting match through DM's about it. 2. Fool's Graveyard didn't...