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  1. Update 2.185 Discussion Thread

    I am sorry young child that I offended you with my language
  2. Update 2.185 Discussion Thread

    Lol stop acting like I am some newbie that needs your advice and get off your high horse. I know how to snipe and other stuff I just hate this change that's all. But I don't care anymore the new gold trading change made me happy enough to forget about this change
  3. Update 2.185 Discussion Thread

    I dont care about ss wisdom is the most important
  4. Update 2.185 Discussion Thread

    You don't need to check anything if you are expecting a CS from nearby city and attacks and supports are already on the way. You just need to be faster than attacker and now it's not possible at all
  5. Update 2.185 Discussion Thread

    It is in the lunching screen.
  6. Update 2.185 Discussion Thread

    I don't like this at all. You now can't be faster than enemy and cast spell faster than him when he is sending attack. Now it's just about whether you have favor for Purification or not. That's stupid
  7. How is the city effect in the picture called ?

    How is the city effect in the picture I added called ? I know it happens after you lose all cities and then start again. I think it makes construction of builings 40% faster but can't find anything about it on wiki or how to search for it.
  8. Return units while being conquered

    Only if you have more cities. If you have only one city game doesn't allow you to do anything
  9. Return units while being conquered

    I am not actually in that situation it's just hypothetical. And that's pretty stupid that it is impossible to recall those units. They should change that so you can at least access agora.
  10. Return units while being conquered

    Let's say I have one city and I send my units to some ghost town on the same island and someone starts conquering me. How can I return those troops ? Game prevents me from doing anything like going to agora or doing anything on the map.