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  1. Top 12 Sink or Swim

    Is there anyone here i know or knows me looking for group of players to play with been playing in en server for 7 years played in us server in few worlds always a top 100 player either play in this world or next one but wish to join a group of experienced players fed up going by my own at start
  2. Initiation Question

    I always do the initiation find it annoying but the resource and troop bonus is always nice
  3. Bad Wolf Alliance recruitment

    good luck to you too
  4. Bad Wolf Alliance recruitment

    Eh if your going to slag me off mind get your facts straight first one the alliance was created in oly yes it didn't survive in taras which I can presume your referring to but saying as envenom stole the show there hard to see who could have survived there, second the players that are coming...
  5. Bad Wolf Alliance recruitment

    Bad Wolf Alliance recruitment I am looking for a few good players that are active have Skype and enjoy playing grepolis, I have been playing for over 5 years now on two servers and on many worlds played with many players looking to form a team to join Actium in week or two time, the alliance...
  6. War Talk

    Thats expensive paint, i aint buying it from their store.
  7. biggest cry baby in grepo history

    poor really poor looks like he needs cities gift wrapped for him or passed onto him from his fellow team mates, the whole alliance as a whole seems to need that and theres only a few active players in the alliance and they dont help each other out unless it suits them, all cities i have taken...
  8. biggest cry baby in grepo history

    I love it when your get free bps 29752906d674d3af361ecebccade4eeb also he decided to send colony ship i decided to sink it with seastorm got to love it an just in heres the latest they have one city that is 2000 there ally has the other which is at 6200 and latest attempt from them is here folks...
  9. biggest cry baby in grepo history

    6789bb3fbdd8f2abb1443e63afdc8a87 1-0 to me 72a90b82f41b861c2ede1991bb4340a0 Player attacked me before had to get own back 2-0 to me secs later its now 3-0 to me 0b48f95e34453e2b5504eadebfa65594 please copy reports and see for yourself
  10. biggest cry baby in grepo history

    maknox today at 19:51 you broke a rule that you never ever do, attacking any alliancemates. Secondly attacking any city period that has a reservation on it. We do not post all cities in the CS thread because we have spies in our alliance who allow censored to target our repos. Either you are a...
  11. Coming soon byzantium free press!!!

    Ach it's all in good jest.8)
  12. Coming soon byzantium free press!!!

    People have always said that about me didn't really believe it till now to show my astuteness why is their a question mark after that comment, lol.thisisgrepolis
  13. Coming soon byzantium free press!!!

    this paper no here yet
  14. Top 12 Sink or Swim

    As i previously stated it was too early for commenting on who would be in top 12, and look there's only what 4 alliances there from original top 12 post, and its only been over two weeks since it was made, just shows the changes a few weeks makes at the start of a new world. Yep need alliance...
  15. The end of BridgeBurners

    You lot entertain me keep it up whilst i play the game that i have been playing for years, you lot seem more focused on ripping on each other on here than attacking each other or anyone else, ive never seen a world where everyone blames each other and appears scared of each other oh well let me...