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  1. Who All Is Coming

    Any idea when that is going to happen?
  2. Who All Is Coming

    Ditto. Based on my understanding of the wiki, it it looks like this game could be done and over in less than four months. Is that right? Would love to see some comments from players who tried the beta.
  3. Ialysos Newspaper #2

    Update please. Nice to know what's going on from a reporter's point of view.
  4. Rumor Mill

    Foolish, that.
  5. Rumor Mill

    Should Azteca take it as a sign of respect you guys are giving them flack?
  6. Ialysos Newspaper #1

    Thanks for the read.
  7. Top 12, Obligatory Thread

    Gotta give a huge tip of the hat to Gold'in Beach Bums. If they are in it to win it, evidence shows they have a good shot.
  8. Bandit camps

    So unlimited booty? As much as you can carry? Makes sense... they are bandit camps. Or is that wishful thinking?
  9. Bandit camps

    So I'm new to gen 4 and I am loving the bandit camps. Do they ever get cleared completely? If not, do they get tougher or end up being just not worth it?
  10. Top 12 Alliances Sink-Or-Swim

    Ok, so spill.
  11. PnP Do you like Apples?

    Hey mccontracting! There's another name from the past. Well, I'm guilty of leaving and coming back too. I gotta say I admire all these players who've been in it all the way through. Players like jham4u and kid cudi - chig founder and ap founder. And players like jes - first world and she...
  12. Top 12 Sink or Swim

    Its true It was tough, but it was worth it. Miss you babe.
  13. What's Happenin Chi?

    Well, I must say we in the middle now have the best alliance name. The Angry CHIpmunks. Token to our Angry Penguin roots plus a nod to the world and - I'll say it - outright theft of the CHI in all caps. May be the only thing I steal from jham4u. But then, we are Chipmunks, really, really...
  14. Angry Penguins

    You guys are taking a little forum bluster way too seriously.
  15. Angry Penguins

    Oh, you are very welcome to continue to play the game, machinewolfheart. And please do bring your form of leadership to your alliance. Encourage them to build their pretty, pretty cities with the scraps left in their warehouses when they finally check in for the day after our alliance has been...