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  1. Wars of Mochlos

    only one thing to say well played shamers
  2. Wars of Mochlos

    it is a shame that this world will be won by the biggest gold spenders ever seen in any world as well as the biggest MRA that will be denied for years by those shamers players and as they say they dont do MRA do you lot look in the mirror when you say that biggest dissapointment ever is seeing...
  3. New world

    lmao well come get my cities from what i hear you are not a very good player what so ever and lose a lot of cities while you try playing and you will never have my respect as you will never be good enough to receive it or act like it so get real and play the game your mind games are only there...
  4. New world

    respect you dont know the meaning of respect and no one respects you or your play. i have never played for a crown but this time i am so please try stopping us see you in game talk all you want ill let my action do the talking from here good luck you definatly need it
  5. New world

    your still stroking your own ego you have no idea whats to come get back in that hole where you belong as far as i know im a mediocar player that doesnt need to belittle anyone as i take them as they are and play this game for what it is and all i see from you is a massive ego that you keep...
  6. New world

    lmao keep stroking that ego princess
  7. New world

    i know a lot more players who are way better than you think you are and will put you to shame keep building your own ego up its going to be good to see you fall
  8. New world

    well maul you think your good come get me see how you go chump sticks
  9. New world

    dont know who you are and dont think i have payed against you as yet but im thinking you will be among the first to leave this world
  10. New world

    damn there is a lot of braggers here cant wait till the fighting really starts then we will see who is still standing at the end and who the pretenders really are good luck all
  11. The Appolonian Times

    now we know who has a rubber neck
  12. Trash Talk-

    some people here are just a train wreck waiting to happen and some dont know what a fight is we fight any one any where any time stop your winging and man up
  13. Crown Sharing

    crown no crown who cares a game is a game if you need a conglomerate of gold spending pacted alliances to win a server just for a crown where is the fun in that no wonder a lot have left this game shared crowns are the worst