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  1. Wars of Actium

    Well.. may be you can take/help us take the last wonder from MM and then we can all be done with the world ;)
  2. Actium Hall of Fame

    I believe we should look at the positive side of the things. Mori wanted a chance to prove themselves, we'll find out how tough they are pretty soon.
  3. I Had a VISION

    lol.. this time ad will have his backside handed out to him and ghost as soon as possible. btw, i dare AD to spawn close to me.
  4. The Problem with Gela

    harpy rewards will also give less harpies in a speed 2 world. I played earlier when there were fewer events and had harpy tokens only. I felt there was a nice balance then. Both high walls and low wall options were viable
  5. The Problem with Gela

    I believe event should have myth tokens.. but just harpies and not manticores. Because you can counter harpies well with high level chiron. In actium, i have chiron at level 20, which give me 594 hops with max warehouse in about 7 hours (with pg) on a level 30 barracks.
  6. Actium Hall of Fame

    I dont get from where Fubar thinks MWG is a part of coalition against them. Moreover dusty is a proven player especially on BoB vs Boon/DWS frontlines. And there were multiple frontlines before Ugly super coalition was formed. May be if terryngash fought in 55 to stop SnS coalition she would...

    best of luck
  8. Actium Hall of Fame

    Pretty big read there.. And the same old whiny complaints about crashing your grepo.. You should grow up a little and just stop whining about the spam thing considering the fact no one buys it. Neither did I say misty is the best female player nor I see anyone rate her here. It's just your silly...
  9. Actium Hall of Fame

    Strange players pixie and athenakins are tooting their horns when the entire server they stayed as far away from reds. Misty is of course a much better player at the active front-lines during early-mid game. Her ability to take initiatives is actually better than pixie or athenakins who could...
  10. Actium Hall of Fame

    The world wasn't split until Ugly and Waf joined hands. Until that time we were fighting both BoB and Ugly. And the. And we had no agreement on WW with BADA either. Any and all agreement was made just a few days before the WW and long after Waf, Ugly and Bish decided to hold hands together...
  11. Actium Hall of Fame

    Yeah, this is laughable and the fact Super forming a giant coalition isn't laughable at all. I see you're part of the same coalition. Quite a change from the person bragging in the forums how his alliance is different from other alliance and are not part of any coalitions. Who are you and what...
  12. Top 12 Players

    Slayer, you can be better than toast if you leave Minions :P
  13. Actium Hall of Fame

    On a serious note since the external is inactive, i'd post something. 1-> Hard to see anyone other than Binderjoel/elphine/AD (until he ghosted) 2-> Binderjoel/zdravko 3-> almost every member in SnS has been a teamplayer and completely selfless. 4-> Hard not to pick elphine 5-> Same as 1 (Joel...
  14. Actium Hall of Fame

    Bah. Toast is salty his name isn't on the hall of fame :P
  15. Farsala gossip

    Seems like farsala unfolded exactly as I predicted. Unsullied got early buzz going and despite it's superior size and numbers needed help vs 2nd ranked team. But as MH denied the help, it did not take even a blink of an eye for Unsullied to crumble. Wonder what would've happened if MH actually...