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    user profile question(s)

    Contact support directly for help using the ingame support feature. or follow this link and click the contact us button after signing into your account.
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    US 109 - Methone

    Was hoping for Hephaestus' Blessing or other fun game mechanics on this one since its a world that launches at the start of summer. Thanks for the world announcement Ryvirath. have a happy summer everyone!
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    New World Settings Suggestions

    I would like to have Hephaestus's Blessing active on the new world. Its a shame it's not a basic feature since it vastly is a much needed update to how cities can be made. Conquest or revolt world features: Hephaestus's Blessing Game speed: 3-4 Unit speed: 3-4 Trading Speed: 4 Night bonus: Yes...
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    send an in game support ticket Glenn
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    US 107 - Kastoria feedback thread.

    Having no morale is different then normal, but ultimately doesn't make much of a difference since morale has been turned off for attacking sieges anyways. Any chance Hephaestus's Blessing could be active on this server or some other blessing to give it a bit more variety?