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  1. Top 12 Sink or Swim

    The world’s so small there’s only going to be 12 domination islands...a different kind of top 12.
  2. The problem and why so many players who enjoyed this game have left.

    Not sure what you're saying... does alliance cap need to be increased to allow more players to be in a single alliance? Or decreased? If decreased, you may just see more pacts/sisters. It all comes down to the games inability to attract new players. Gribbe says it's because "players just...
  3. Get rid of the Library

    I like your suggestion about a replacement for the Library. Having to choose between a larger army or a smaller army that can be rebuilt faster would be an interesting gameplay decision. However, as underpowered as the Library is, it’s not the worst special building. At least it has SOME value...
  4. The problem and why so many players who enjoyed this game have left.

    Agreed, and activity mostly being a function of time (a resource) combined with the number 2 thing determining who is a good or bad player, money (another resource) neither of which are skills, is the primary reason why we see complaints like OP's. My 2 cents - there's only ever been one real...
  5. The problem and why so many players who enjoyed this game have left.

    There are basically two reasons for the current condition of US servers, which has led to the disappearance of the "skilled" and "old-school" players. 1. Game is pay-to-win 2. Player pool is a shrinking pond of whales 2a. The proverbial level playing field is de-monetized and rule-breaking is...
  6. Gela Rumor Mill

    Don't worry mr 700k man, I'll be back in two shakes of a lambs tail. Meanwhile you keep humping those BP like a madman. Don't disappoint me. Before you finish giggling, ask yourself why you should care? For all the inane harassment attacks, no one in V has ever tried to take a city from me...
  7. Gela Rumor Mill

    Duly noted. . . . . O'Doyle rules! Ok I'm done.
  8. Gela Rumor Mill

    This is where I should write that famous Billy Madison quote, right? Yknow how we're all dumber for having read this and all that jazz. Am I doing this internets thing right?
  9. Gela Rumor Mill

    AGAIN, missing the point. This may be a true statement: This is a false statement: Do you see why?
  10. Gela Rumor Mill

    For a scrub like myself, I'd say my BP total is pretty damn good!
  11. Gela Rumor Mill

    Damn right I'm mad! Haven't had a moment's peace in two weeks! But seriously, I like to stir the pot, obviously. And credit where it's due, V and AD's group have been very aggressive and obviously that's been effective and the results speak for themselves. I even once saw them attack an...
  12. Gela Rumor Mill

    Hmmm, what do the kids call this these days? Nerd rage? That's when you wave your "epeen" around like it means something, right? See, what's funny is it's all about perspective. You find my BP number pathetic. Fair enough, you're entitled to your opinion as misguided as it may be. But...
  13. Gela Rumor Mill

    You pretend to give an objective and unbiased opinion. Anyways, it's 2016. The "haters gonna hate" retort is old and played out by now. Pointing out hypocrisy, irony, and poor sportsmanship is always fair game. And it's not always sour grapes simply because it's coming from the underdogs...
  14. Gela Rumor Mill

    And I say the same thing to you. You, Flav, and co. have missed the point badly, and that point, which is underlying all of this, is how hollow and what a complete joke your bravado and trash talking is under the circumstances. A joke on many levels, and one that is very obviously leveling you...
  15. Gela Rumor Mill

    So, in other words... not unlike what certain Variant players do.