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    haha right! thinking about rejoining just for laughs
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    You're Banned from the Forum

    rclay321 you here banned from the forums.. if you post again your account will be casted out in the ever so dark grepo space
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    Last User to Post here Wins

    Did I win? xD
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    Soulbrotherno3 - Read

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    Grepolis Classic: Discussion

    yup... can't even log in (-.-)
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    Top 12

    That alliance BLACK SAiLS I've heard is pretty serious business
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    Alliance recruitement

    o.0 mhmmmm lol you admit to being a spy and then want someone else to found a alliance and then when your ready you'll take over? haha
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    New God: Deinos - Discussion

    I thought this idea was great!!!!! are we still rolling with it?
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    lmao shows how much I knew... I thought I was talking to a chick the whole time
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    my old crews back in this world :) not in helorus.. yes I did ask white khalifa for a pact bc I thought she founded the alliance, I talked to her in helorus and thought we had a good connection but clearly butt buds are a higher priority. let the games begin.
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    do your research.. I am well known. I am the type of guy that doesn't turtle with current alliances, I start in a world fresh and see what happens.. I try and not hide behind a alliance/ players names ;) athenakins you took one city bc I let you... at the time I needed to spread out so I needed...
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    speaking of bum buds athenakins and her posy came from US 52, already almost have a island turtled... so thats how these alliance grow so fast! they are "4 chan" bum buddies that stick together
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    Rim the CoMa

    agreed :)
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    Is this world going to make it?

    Oh yea! here to stay and here to play.
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    Hey! I've been playing for a few years now.. anyone down to make a alliance once a brand new world comes up?