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    Top 12 Sink or Swim

    Dont try to find me, i m not playing anymore. But i like reading all these stuffs. And i like analising statistics. Can I ask you some arguments why your alliance will win a war with those from 6 th place (overall), because i see u are under them in attaking rank. I hope you can reply with some...
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    Diplomatic Curtacy

    Guys please stop fighting ! Let me enjoy my rest ! Elysium, Paul may not be the best alliance, BUT IT S THE MOST UNITED ALLIANCE, THAT S FOR SURE ! And for me, my friends are the important ones. I will respect my alliaes to. I gave a word and i ll Keep it. We have a pact with TM and a strong NAP...
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    Gythium Milestones

    I gues it s fair to put both alliances first to 1m atta points. on 7 may 3.40 it was so close. dont know earlier And for 25 towns and over 250k
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    Gythium Milestones

    Paul first of all i wish only best for your family. Much health ! If u are in the mood i have updates on these miles.
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    A moderator can delete this subject !
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    Can The Misfits Declare War For Once?

    maybe as revenge for helping our enemy on that siege. not a command or something. and if u getting attacks it s k i gues , instead getting CS :D i m preety sure u have pacts alot. looking on stats. why are u complaining ?
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    Can The Misfits Declare War For Once?

    how many wars do u have brett ?
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    Can The Misfits Declare War For Once?

    Well i see VS makes "friends" all overs the place ...
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    Best and worst of Gythium

    Updates: Best Player: knx21 Best Fighter: cisqa Best Defender: readyfreddy Best Alliance Profile: Elysium :D i m so proud of that logo, i worked @ it few hours searching png-s
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    New Stuff

    Maybe u did something wrong if u say u have RL issues. U should have enter VM or at least not to interference so much in alliance work. Many many players told me it s strange how u lead if u are not there and don t have army. I don t say u are lying about RL problems, but ... I remember i ve...
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    PnP: Stop...Hammer Time!

    Well done. U ll need to have some leading next worlds.
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    Southern Alliance is STILL an MRA

    we move so fast that even our founder can t number the victims :D
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    Gythium Newspaper II: War Edition

    By the way if i make a ticket to that guy i can win the "process"? I made our logo and he stole it. He never asked my permision to use it! So ... an admin should make some moves, or a ticket is necesarly? It s about player Noah The Great 1, alliane War.Hammer Sucks PS. I have to say that u...
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    Maybe if he would joined us.... he could have other fate. When we told him he s a little to far he should try to come south to us so he prove us he is good and want to join us. He prefered SA, and they practicaly rimed him. SO SAD IT S LIFE!
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    Gythium Milestones

    wh 50 conquest in 1 week