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    Colony Ship Problem

    I am trying to build a colony ship MY Academy level is at 18 and the colony ship has been researched My Harbor level is at 11 MY culture is 1/3 (but the wiki sez for the second city CP is not a factor) In the harbor view the colony ship appears as researched I have over 10000 of each resource...
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    Colony Ship Bug?

    I have the correct amount of money, enough free population etc. Why does my harbor still show this and not let me build a colony ship. Am I missing something.
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    Incantation Circle Bug???

    Thanks for explaining. I thought that you get random ones for doing stuff on the game.
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    Incantation Circle Bug???

    Is there a reason that I am doing what needs to be done to receive offerings for the Incantation Circle but it is bugged so I am not receiving them? It says " You will randomly receive offerings for the Incantation Circle by performing the following actions in the game: Attacking and defending...