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  1. US14 - Nu Preworld Thread

    server time 0.00uhr thank u baby:D
  2. US14 - Nu Preworld Thread

    server probleme jojo
  3. invalid number of units

    I can not build more troops
  4. invalid number of units

    invalid number of units :(:(us6.
  5. US6 - Epsilon pre world thread

    Speed 2 is low sorryyyyy
  6. login probs Oh my God ey
  7. login probs
  8. login probs

    server Lagg
  9. login probs

    I have the same problem like you Hope we get back our gold
  10. login probs

    Warehouse foll
  11. login probs

    open no:(----
  12. Reports

    Closed Thread
  13. Reports

    oh 3 vs 1 ye
  14. Reports