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  1. Meme Time

  2. Rumor Has It

    Rumor has it BeZaMa told his alliance... DO NOT GO HERE.... because that is only for BeZaMa and his most trusted advisors. Stanly713 is right... Marina and Amy are involved...., they only took cities in 34 at BeZaMa's request.
  3. Rumor Has It

    Rumor has it that Megalopsuchia is aware of Deja Vu working with DarkEmpire. He calls the union DUDES.
  4. Trash Talk-

    It's not really news that Mayhem is a huge disappointment. I feel sorry for the woman (or man, no judgement) in his life.
  5. Trash Talk-

    Ooohhh. So you are fighting Bananas? How brave of you guys to go it alone on this server with only 4 alliances. Kudos. #MuchRespect
  6. Trash Talk-

    Play for Beer has 6 people in it. That's like one player per Mayhem's alliances. He personally is equipped to take on the dude with 0 cities. Seriously though, of the top 10 alliances, 9 have a pact. You guys lost your shiznit when Beer did that. Congrats. You have become what you hate.
  7. Trash Talk-

    Mhm - And recruited. And recruited. And recruited. Until this happened Now you are the big fat bloated alliance with all the Beer washouts. But please tell us more about what a great player you are as you hide on the rim behind your recruits. Mayhem's Milkshake brings all the scrubs to his...
  8. Trash Talk and Rumour Mill

    When are you guys going to finally let this server go? Congrats on your win BoB. Now you "victory lap" is starting to look sad and pathetic. Let it go already. Start dropping out so the world will close. You guys are more active now than you were before wonders. Again. You won. Good job. Sorry...
  9. Trash Talk-

    Mayhem. Spends the entire server complaining about Beer, becomes the next Beer.
  10. Trash Talk and Rumour Mill

    BOB dislikes PinkFloyd so much that they support Hairy Hotties siege against him. That's how much you suck dude.
  11. Trash Talk and Rumour Mill

    Worst player who thinks he's good : PinkFloyd. It's clear that Grepolis is his life. It's also clear that his life sucks. Dude. Get a job. I'm sure if you put as much dedication into that as you do Grepolis you could totally master "would you like fries with that?" In like 2 or 3 weeks. I...
  12. Sink or Swim

    I agree with =Skynet= sink, but not for the reasons above. They are fierce fighters yes, but high drama and high burn out. Paros Accord is smart to PACT with them because when they quit PA will have first dibs on their city. They also have a high likeihood of being forced to quit if mods...
  13. Hug It Out

    MGK 5, "I hate it when alliances hug it out" Every world he plays: Hugs it out
  14. Trash Talk and Rumour Mill

    Flav - the answer to the question, "how can a reasonably good looking and kinda smart guy (when he isn't wasted) not have a girlfriend?" THEN he opens his mouth, "Ooooooohhhhhhhh. That's why." I mean the biggest catfish on the server wouldn't send him any naughty pics. That should tell you...
  15. Trash Talk and Rumour Mill

    Awesome St? Because that's where Mommy's basement is