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  1. New Gold System

    Hello guys, I was just wondering what everyone's opinions are for the new gold system? To me, i think it's really hard on gold spenders - especially in the early stages of the games. I like this because it makes it harder for people to pay to win. On the other hand, its scaling feels...
  2. Grepolis Halloween Recipe Guide

    I will reorganize it when we have all 120 recipes :) I'll start tonight.
  3. Grepolis Halloween Recipe Guide

    Feather Feather Tooth- Tyche's Blessing of Stone IV Grass Grass QS- Hoplite IX
  4. Grepolis Halloween Recipe Guide

    Am I doing my math right? If there are 8 ingredients total, Groups of 3, and 6 combinations per groups of 3. 8! __ 3!5! x 3!= 8 x 7 = 56 56 x 6= 336 Combinations? I'm not a mathematician, but if math truly runs through my veins, I hope this is right.
  5. Grepolis Halloween Recipe Guide

    It not too pretty now... :c Ill organize it when its complete perhaps!
  6. Grepolis Halloween Recipe Guide

    Continued (Sorted in Order) Pegasus Feather Pegasus Feather Hydra Scales Favor Package (200) QueenMaube Pegasus Feather Pegasus Feather Hydra Scales Favor Package (300) Getsugah Pegasus Feather Pegasus Feather Pegasus Feather Luxury Residence (32 Wks) Getsugah Pegasus Feather Pegasus...
  7. Grepolis Halloween Recipe Guide

    Halloween Recipe Guide 2014 Hello, I will try updating this thread as soon as I get the recipes. Please private message me or reply to this thread if you would like to contribute! ^^ I will credit all those who contribute. Total Recipes: 108/120 Special Thanks to the large list donators: -...
  8. Grepolis Halloween Recipe Guide

    I believe the recipes have changed. However, if people pitch in, I will make another thread.
  9. HAVOC and Plague VS ASC and SEA WOLVES WAR...

    xD Lmao. This will definitely be a challenging war.
  10. HAVOC and Plague VS ASC and SEA WOLVES WAR...

    o3o No, you're making a smart move! haha Great job, I hope we have a fun war!
  11. HAVOC and Plague VS ASC and SEA WOLVES WAR...

    Congrats, you guys made the first coordinated attacks on a player not in our core ocean. Thanks for making us number 1 defenders.
  12. Top 12 alliances...

    *Nods Heads* Who didn't like playing with legos? Or the lesser expensive Jenga blocks. :'( I would stack those into buildings and pretend I was godzilla. rawr!
  13. Trash Talk

    This isn't the compliment section >:o That seems like a compliment! Ref! Ref! Shenanigans!
  14. Far To early Sink or Swim

    :D I remember you too!
  15. Top 10 Sink/Swim 1 week in and still too early

    o3o Very interesting! Good job.