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    Gribbe Posse's Memes

    In that example though, could you not talk about the picture and then it would be viable? You would be talking about trash.
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    Gribbe Posse's Memes

    But, but, it has part of the title and everything ;)
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    Curiosity begs me to wonder...

    Well, I mean, the world does not even have the normal US numbers on a world.... Also looks like there are a fair number of newer players in this world.
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    Guess this Pig Leader

    Im gonna guess Miko anyways even though its clearly not him. ;)
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    POLL: State of the Grepolis Forum Rules

    It could be argued though that a relaxation of the rules could help to increase the forum usage because more topics would be available. Literally people create world chats in discord that do the same job as the externals, with far less restrictions. Along with this, it would make it so that...
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    Gribbe Posse's Memes

    This is something I don't understand, why would something like this cause infraction points.
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    Gribbe Posse's Memes

    Are you implying that he alludes to cheating in all of his memes? Because there is distinct evidence at the top of this post to otherwise. So therefore, your statement is incorrect, and you are attempting to hurt this man's reputation on the external forums, which is clearly a personal insult...
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    Gribbe Posse's Memes

    Well, if we are gonna go out some way, getting an entire alliance banned sounds like fun. :)
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    Wars of Mochlos

    You do realize that a majority of the top players in any alliance spend gold? Probably just as much as us...
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    Compliment each other

    Meg has a nice beagle...
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    count to 50 before a mod posts

    Wtf happened to 16? 18
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    Angels vs demons

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    Compliment each other

    Toxic is new, and so isn't anywhere near as toxic as the old timers. :)
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    Souper Group

    I bet 3/4 of them don't even realize they are gonna get internalized eventually...
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    Top 12

    Remember Kids, MRAs don't all get the crown. :)