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  1. Bonus Gold/Wheel Event

    I don't think it matters if your post is relevant to this thread, they obviously are not reading it.
  2. Bonus Gold/Wheel Event

    Tick tock... I know mods are reading this. At least give us something. Like "we are looking into this". The lack of response is showing me how little you care and it would appear as though nothing is gonna change in regard to this and those of us who have not relieved the offer are just sol
  3. Bonus Gold/Wheel Event

    Can we get some information on reasoning behind this decision? I don't want a cookie cutter copy and pasted response like i got from the incredible inno support team. What logic could you possibly use to not offer the same rewards to all players? Do you not even realize the dynamics of your own...
  4. The Downfall of Appraxiadaddy (Important)

    I am shocked that a merger of the top 2 alliances a week in to the server isn't working out. A lot of experience in those two alliances to make a mistake like that
  5. Did Innno games Just rob Us ??

    You really don't think inno knows the ins and outs of they're game and comes up with ways to make more money? After all they are running a business. Not a charity. Does seem like this world is gonna be a lot more pricey then the others. But should be fun regardless
  6. PnP Do you like Apples?

    Thanks to all the hard work everyone put in to get to this point. RL has tied me up over the closing months of this server so I have not been around as much as I would of liked to been. This victory would not of been possible without players like bulldog, boiler, gom, Gorben, pixie, tone and...
  7. PnP Victory Two Cities Taken!

    To be fair, he did get -16 luck.
  8. PnP Victory Two Cities Taken!

    I hope my sarcasm came a crossed. I was laying it on pretty thick.
  9. PnP Victory Two Cities Taken!

    You guys need to be careful who your messing with. Don't you know that RA, *RA*, *R.A*, *RA.*, *.R.A.*, **R...A**, **..R..A..*, and ****......R......A......**** are to be feared. I mean look at how many players they have. You can't beat that. You can only take so many cities. Solid strategy.
  10. Top 12 Sink or Swim

    I sure hope you plan on taking the long way around to get back to PB. Because if you have a problem with gold spenders then a trip through CHIG Land is not a trip you want to make. Just saying. We've all already lost houses and spouses with our gold habit.
  11. CHIguanas coming to Town

    What a wonderful introduction BB... I think. I hope this world turns out to be as much fun as the pre world dialogue suggests. Good luck to everyone. Can't wait for the trash talking to start!
  12. Complimentary Compliments

    If you can't post something nice then don't post anything at all!!! This thread is intended to bring some decency back into the chi forumn. Only compliments please. I will start: I would like to compliment Nnicker and the entire albatross team for sticking together through some rough times...
  13. Rumors

    FYI mega, the bolded line you speak of was sent to her from MC, not someone from chigs telling her to get prepared to spend money. Using gold is not an underhanded tactic though, gold users are the reason the game still exists. if no one bought gold than there would be no game
  14. Rumors

    mega - is this your first world? This is a part of the game. I have been playing for years and players switch alliances all the time, it happens. Some of my best allies and friends i have found on this game were once an enemy. You cant honestly say that with all the members you have that you...
  15. Newspaper - The Chi (Issue Four)

    blah blah blah.... Lets reign it in boys. This war has just started. There is a loooooooooooong way to go in this thing. Both of our alliances is strong and noone is gonna be able to make the other side quit, which lets be honest is really the only way to take out an alliance in grepolis. AN, i...