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  1. Double CS question

    That's what I thought, but I have been told otherwise
  2. Trash Talk Thread

    Vacation mode is probably playing a factor is some of that. It's kinda hard to find active Cats/Dogs to attack.
  3. Double CS question

    Ok, it's been awhile since I've played conquest. I know you get a peacetime message if you send a late attack against your conquest that lands, but if it includes a second cs package, does it attack your siege? Someone told me it does. I remember different and the explanation online makes it...
  4. Trash Talk Thread

    I smell some flyers dying today.
  5. Trash Talk Thread

    Don't let us catch you asleep...
  6. Who is coming?

    As much as instant complete can help, the old half time for 50 gold was way way better. Made it more fair for people who didn't use gold. I personally wouldn't do away with instant, but I would bring back the half time for 50 gold as an option. That way instant complete isn't such an absurd...
  7. Trash Talk Thread

    I'm loving all this bp
  8. Trash Talk Thread

    Boy oh boy I love me those bps tonight
  9. Sink or Swim

    I still say the "Cereal Killers" suck
  10. Who is coming?

    Welcome to the party
  11. Sink or Swim

    The cereal killers SUCK
  12. Who is coming?

    Yawn, ok I'm game... who needs a good team mate?
  13. Nikaia Relationship Counseling.

    You were a chig? I was in albatross.... crazy PS I like conquest waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better.
  14. Rumor Has It

    I wish you would have just banned him.... ghosting him basically killed us. we can't absorb that many cities that fast.... I understand something had o be done, but this affected game play
  15. Nikaia in Memes