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    Peacetime and ww

    I have been trying to play Ialypsos for 3 days now. It won't let me switch to city view. very irritating
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    Top 13 Sink or Swim

    Happy to end this thread. And the winner is? BLOOD of course. Blood dominates in all areas and all the rest just suck and are pathetic. Not even worth mentioning all the sinkers.
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    Thanks for not announcing easter peace time

    Once again I am reminded why Grepo is headed for the dustbin. Can anyone recommend a suitable replacement game? When a business starts to go under service is usually the first to go. Not sending out an announcement detailing the peacetime is a MAJOR screwup. message boxes will be filling up...
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    Top 13 Sink or Swim

    I agree with dethmatic's top 12. His predictions are coming to pass rather quickly.
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    Troy Milestones

    I wanted to leave my mark on Troy and I think over 8 million BP will do it. LOL I couldn't of done it without TBC's help so thanks guys haha
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    I Had a VISION

    OK so there's that. lol I suggest we have a little contest to see who can rim the AD's first. They are pretty boasty for being at such a vulnerable stage. Almost like they were begging to be rimmed. I do hate it when they beg. LOL
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    Helorus Pre-World Discussion

    I'm just glad it's revolt conquest is getting to be very boring.
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    New World Soon?

    Oh goody!
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    Conquer the Community Manager!!!

    I believe Veromalik took this city with the help of The Cereal killers. Whoa! I just saw a tumbleweed blowing thru this forum lol
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    Last User to Post here Wins

    guess I'm the weiner hehe
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    hey I'd love to play this one. send me an invite and I'll be there. I have over 2 million BP in Troy which ranks me 5th for BP. Troy is at a standstill I need some action lol
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    Pre-Launch Discussion

    delos looks almost perfect. Just gotta finish up Troy lol
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    Flying Myths and the Wall

    if someone wants to do an experiment. I'm very curious about the stats concerning Erinys and walls. I have been very impressed with their penetrating ability. sometimes its like the wall doesn't seem to effect them like other myths. I only use them in land locked situations. I love sending...
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    Flying Myths and the Wall

    on troy after the last event everyone had manti nukes in abundance. The only way one of my sieges would survive is if I went after a city with a big wall. I have almost 50 cities and not a single catapult. walls are precious to me and mine so we don't make them. if we try to siege a city...
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    Picnic Bunnies Vs. Honor and Valor

    Yeah, when your playing king of the mountain only about half the guys try to knock the king down. The rest are just hanging out enjoying the scenery.