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  1. Becoming of a Ghost city

    I have read the archives & I'm getting conflicting answers to when cities become ghosts. w/o being a premium player, I'm to understand it only takes 15 days of inactivity to ghost a city. I have been farming these cities non-stop, since their second day of inactivity. They are well over 15...
  2. Trash Talk

    interesting that the first player was you to respond Zeeker. The deleted statement wasn't directed towards anyone in particular. I said I wouldn't play w/ a blind eye to my point. Now, Lurks you can band me!
  3. Trash Talk

    I see that we are going down a path, that I don't have to put up with. I predicted this day would come, when first started playing Grepolis. It's bad enough you deal w/ the whining, unteachable, bell ring, but to put up w/ unmentionables, topped off w/ multi-accounting for LMD's has gotten...
  4. Trash Talk

    So, let me get this straight. Pig Swine, Horders, High Heel's & SEAL(should) DELETE are holding hands. maybe not w/ A H 13.11.2018, 17:34 23138 1475 Lady Mad Achilles Heel Theekim WAR PIGS
  5. Trash Talk

    Yep, that was me. I'm the one you can point your finger at. I feel you J N on losing troops w/ nothing to show for it. I think we just broke the server w/ all the spam.
  6. Trash Talk

    must be trouble in Pig paradise. now J Reb has ghosted. he must of gotten tired of pork rinds & pigs feet.
  7. Trash Talk

  8. Trash Talk

    new flash. someone just ghosted. who's next.
  9. Trash Talk

    you have always been special to me, Z. what pact? I see that CH has taken 9 cities from pigs. pigs look brown to me, but I might be going color blind.
  10. The fall of Young guns

    so, YG is gone & Giggle has created an alliance. this is what the profile reads. Have you ever had a problem in your life? Ever felt sad and lonely? Well put that rope down and take a trip to Gribbe's Guidance Alliance. This is a professionally run psychiatric firm who only strives for...
  11. Trash Talk

    Unholy PoO. did zeeker cachet and metalcore just dropped the mic in this world? talk about getting greedy.
  12. Trash Talk

    Stop with the drama. This could of been solved with a "NO Hit List", but your to lazy to make one out! Who the heck gets 42 paid vac days in RL? Must be nice. Who said anything about Christmas? Get a grip! Lets call this for what it is. A 3 day pass. A reprieve from alarm ringing. You want the...
  13. Trash Talk

    WTH is wrong with you players. Again, you peep's have ruled a "World Nap", because of the Hurricane. What is wrong with you light weights? VM is made just for this RL event's. You get 42 day's of them. $h!t happens. Whats next? Lets stop the game every time there is a power outage, Plague...
  14. Concerns and Ideas

    Hello everyone. Before I put my 2 cents in. I have to admit. I wasn't intending on returning to Grepolis. I have many issues w/ this game, but most of the issues isn't the game. This is a great game IMO, so with this said. Here's my issues. I like spam. I pop the can open & inhale the pork...
  15. Trash Talk

    WorstxPr0, I apologize. I had no right to imply denying your "freedom of speech". I was just pointing out, even if its a joking response, to correct anyone's grammar. It makes anyone hesitate, about posting again. So with that said. Have fun chatting w/ yourselves.